re: The 2nd Amendment

Nobody asked but …

Kudos to Skyler, for a crystal clear statement of the intent of the Amendment.  The mode of our founders’ day was “balanced power” as practiced by the British Empire.  A government should have more power than any state or population it wished to subjugate.  Look, for example, at the brit interface with Ireland.  Our framers intended a balance of power between the country and its people, which would favor non-intervention by the government.  But, as has been pointed out before, you cannot have your cake and eat it too.  The westward expansion required firepower and horsepower.  Then the US Cavalry rode us all down, destroying the native Americans and making dependents of the rest.  It is a natural law: when you invite a predator into an environment to rid a pest, the predator will pursue the prey to extinction then look for new prey.


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