Re: Privately Owned Roads?

Guest post by Carl Uhl.

Skyler, I have been contemplating posting something regarding spontaneous order and traffic for the past few days and your post inspired me.

What sparked my thinking on this are my weekly trips taking my mom shopping at our local strip mall. Once we pull off of the centrally planned public roads and into the various parking lots you can quickly observe how people begin to unravel when the regulations and controls are taken away and the opportunities for spontaneous order are abundant. It is during these times that it is easy to observe how the lobotomy labs called public schools have removed the ability of people to think for themselves. Instead of using the electronic signaling devices built into our vehicles, eye communication and hand gestures to navigate and interact in this anarchistic environment, we instead allow it to create conflict.

There are numerous articles I could include to bring further enlightenment to this topic but a good start would be “Traffic Laws and Spontaneous Order“. I also recommend the blog site Free to Choose Free to Move and the web site Equality Streets.

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