Quality Parenting?

I fear too many would say that they agree with this picture. Why? Because then that would mean they would be supporting a parent who fails to understand why his daughter felt the need to lie to him; what it is about their relationship that the daughter felt like she couldn’t trust him; what it is about the father’s behavior that would cause the daughter to feel like she couldn’t trust him to be there for her when she made a mistake; what it is about the daughter’s behavior that her father did not adequately anticipate via a close, loving, and trust-filled relationship with his daughter. I don’t know what she did, but I can guess why she lied about it to her father. Use your imagination, I’m sure you can too. The problem here isn’t what she needed to lie about, it’s her feeling that she needed to lie at all. Her father’s past behavior has something to do with that, I’m certain. Quality parenting? If by “quality” we mean “bad”.

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