Putin’s Plan for America

Step 1 – Claim nuclear bomb and rockets that can reach everywhere on earth and can avoid anti-missile technology

Step 2 – Wait for US mainstream media to spread the story as well as fear and terror

Step 3 – Wait for the Pentagon to request further military budget increases to defend the great USA from the evil Russia

Step 4 – US increases budget from ~$1 trillion/year to $2 trillion/year or more

Step 5 – US debt increases

Step 6 – Lenders to the US money printing machine realize we have 0% chance of paying any of this back

Step 7 – US defaults

Step 8 – Turmoil results and the mighty US crumbles

BTW – Russia has been upping its Gold Reserves for the pending doom that will happen.  This theory doesn’t seem outrageous to me.  It’s really no different than the US tricking the Soviet Union into fighting in Afghanistan.

While it’s been said Afghanistan is the place where empires go to die – I believe more accurately, it’s the debt incurred fighting in Afghanistan (and pretty much everywhere else) that leads empires to die.

Perhaps we should just ignore the non-threat from a country that is not doing well economically and knows full well that any attack on the US would lead to complete destruction of its own country.  We need not worry.

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Alex classifies himself as a voluntary capitalist.  He has worked in finance since graduating University of Chicago in 2016.  While his blog may be named after the Chicago School of Economic’s concept of equilibrium, the focus of the blog is peace and Austrian Economics.  He writes for fun and to spread the word about peace and prosperity.