Protesting the Protestors Who are Protesting Tyranny

It seems that the protests against the coronavirus shut-downs are really upsetting government-supremacists around the world; turning them into protestor-haters.

They frequently lie about the reasons they imagine the protests are occurring, saying the protestors believe the virus is a hoax or a conspiracy, or are “Trump supporters”, although a few admit they don’t understand the protestors.

I’m not a protestor, personally, and although I believe there is a virus– why wouldn’t there be?– I believe the government response to it is harmful. I believe the response has the potential to cause more harm than the virus. But even if that doesn’t happen (or can’t be proved) government has no right to tell businesses to close, or to order people to stay in their homes. None. Zero.

Government can recommend and suggest all they want, but they have no right to give orders because political “authority” doesn’t exist in any way, shape, or form, beyond being the most dangerous superstitious belief. Also, the Constitution doesn’t allow it, if you care about such things.

Many of the protestor-haters say they want government to shut-down the protests, which they mischaracterize as “endangering us all“.

It’s like they simply can’t believe that someone might not trust governmedia to be completely honest about the risks and that they therefore might not want to follow what governmedia says to do.

I guess they don’t notice that government “experts” have lied about this pandemic from the beginning– the face mask lies were some of the most obvious early ones. I suspect there are lots more lies they told about the situation that I’m not even aware of.

Those who fear the protestors ignore the lives that will be lost due to economic disruption. The protestor-haters are perfectly free to sequester themselves for as long as they want– years if that’s what they feel they should do. They don’t have any right to demand everyone else do the same. As is so often the case with government-supremacists, they aren’t content doing what they believe to be best, but they demand to have their choices imposed on others at the barrel of a gun. That’s not very nice (or civilized) of them.

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