Peaceful Travelers II

Nobody asked but …

The firestorm on immigration mounts.  Although kindled by Obama, the colossal amount of ignorance fans the flame.  Today I heard someone say the phrase “illegal aliens.”  First of all the term, “alien,” is a tortured concept, and since it can only emanate from a territory, an entirely fictional concept, it is a tortured fictional term.  A group within a fictional territory can pass rules that apply only to the members of that group — the ones who agreed to the rule in the first place.  Then they can only apply that rule to the individuals who continue to observe the rule voluntarily.  So how, in the name of blue-eyed logic, can we consider people outside the rule, outside the territory in which the rule may apply, to be either aliens or illegal.  I can’t believe idiotic statements such as, “If they want to come here, let them come here without breaking the law.”  This is often paired with this dinosaur of the catch-22 that we call the law, “Ignorance of the law is no excuse.”  Although I cannot imagine someone from someplace else that would wish to come to a queen-of-hearts absurdity where such precepts are held, I am convinced that the only way that a peaceful traveler can come under these incredible legislations is to make herself a voluntary victim of the very fictional rule that will victimize her.  Only Lewis Carroll, satirically, or a statist, delusionally, can devise such non sequitur.


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