Our Own Measures of Success

Editor’s Pick. Written by Christopher Rowley.

I have recently heard a similar sentiment across the various unschooling communities that I am privileged to have access to. The boiled down version of this sentiment seems to center on confusion concerning ideas related to goals and measureable successes. If I phrase the thoughts I have heard in a single question, the question might sound something like, “How do I know we’re unschooling correctly?” or, “What measures should I use to ensure that our unschooling methods are successful?”

The system that we unschoolers are leaving behind tells us that we should be working toward some form of success using a defined method with measureable results. I like to think we have all decided to leave that system, because it is filled with lies, empty promises, and poor measures of success. The lies tell us the system is effective (lie) at setting up worthwhile goals (empty promises) to achieve, what…a good job, financial wealth, or fame? The systems measures of success serve the system alone. In terms of real living, these measures of success are bullshit (technical term).

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