“Our Government” is a Lie

There’s “my government” and there’s “your government“, there is no “our government“.

My government is me. It is not political. It is not a State. I don’t share it with anyone else, I don’t impose it on anyone else, nor do I accept anyone else’s government as my own.

Your government is you– even if you don’t recognize yourself as such. Even if you imagine you have a spare government lying around somewhere. A political government. Your government has no hold on me or anyone else.

Every time someone says “our government” it is a lie. The lie may be calculated to manipulate– to hypnotize you. Don’t fall for it.

Now, maybe you believe you share a government with someone else. I hope not, but people believe weird things. In that case, you’d need to have a conversation with the other person before you started flinging around the words “our government” to see if you truly do share a government of some sort with them. But don’t assume. It’s rude at best, and a dangerous lie at worst.

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