Nonviolent Resistance is Not Futile

Editor’s Pick. Written by Benett Freeman (original).

Some thoughts on resistance…

1. Individual, isolated acts of resistance – whether violent or not – cannot bring about an end to industrial civilisation or any aspect of the incumbent paradigm.

2. With sufficient (majority) support, the sheer weight of popular, non-violent, resistance will be enough to depose the elites and their culture of empire (think Prague 1989 or Jugoslavia writ large).

3. Given 1. & 2., it stands to reason that there is NO reason to pursue violent resistance, since until the threshold of support it will be ineffectual, and thereafter it will be unnecessary.

4. Given 3., it stands to reason that the best way for advancing the cause of popular anti-civilisational support is to use gradual proselytisation to demonstrate to the uninformed the positive benefits of voluntary cooperation and the negative dangers that await them if they do not wake up.

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