Nathaniel Brandon, RIP

Nobody asked but …

A few days ago, Nathaniel Branden died at thehalfway point of his 85th year.  His psychology of self-esteem has been a major influence for me.  I didn’t even know about him until I read a biography on Ayn Rand, by Anne Conover Heller, in which the probable affair between Rand and Branden was discussed.  I am just glad to say that I pursued Branden’s work further, and I discovered that to me Branden’s work was more useful to me than that of Rand.  The true core of voluntaryism is individualism, a sense of the role and the worth of the individual.  And self-ownership is the core of individualism.  And self-esteem is an absolute prerequisite to self-ownership.  Although Dr. Branden has passed, his work fortunately remains — I recommend it highly.


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