Murder Hornets, Herd Immunity, Bleach

Nobody asked but …

We have heard some doozies in the last three months.  And all sides have been manipulated.  We keep getting warned that we are being led by the nose rings to divide and dissent, but apparently that’s the one conspiracy theory we will not buy.

Take herd immunity.  When has that ever happened in a situation that ended a pandemic?  If herd immunity works, when can we expect the state to dissolve?  Isn’t statism a universal pandemic?  Aren’t state-run schools part of a rampant contagion?  Isn’t public debt sown with dragon’s teeth?

So now we begin to thrash around with ideas like bleach.  The salve of lost causes is bloodletting.

I hear that murder hornets are vanquished by disinfectants.

— Kilgore Forelle



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