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I have a solution to the monument problem.  Quit erecting them!  Read Ozymandias!  Statues generally were put up by somebody who is not around anymore, and who probably had a way of thinking that is now outmoded.  It is not erasing history to either dismantle a monument or just not put one up in the first place.  If one needs to travel to some shrine to honor someone or some idea, if one cannot honor anything in meditation without changing location, isn’t it really an ego trip?  I love my late parents every day.  I have never seen a monument to either of them.  I honor my ancestors every day.  I cannot possibly be everywhere that may have been special to them.
 — Kilgore Forelle
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H. Rearden
H. Rearden
4 years ago

What is ironic is that a person such as Robert E. Lee would probably be opposed to a statue of himself being erecting. After the war there were individuals and businesses that offered to pay Lee to endorse their products or to let them use his name to sell their products. Lee turned down all such offers because he did not believe that it was proper to cash in on his name and fame. I am opposed to statues and monuments being removed because the money that would be used to pay for doing that would be money that was… Read more »