Might is Spite

Guest post by Ted Olson.

I saw a mom pull a 3-year-old out of a shopping carriage by her tiny little biceps. As the toddler hung there, feet dangling, her mom murmured with rage and hatred, “If you ever do that again, you’re going to get it.” Mom plopped a teary-eyed child back into the shopping cart.

The mom reminded me of myself, and so much of the might-is-right mentality that completely absorbs us. It controls our minds. I could see it at work in the mom’s face.

We seem to think that it’s okay to use force. We’re bigger, smarter, and stronger, right? Heck, we take pleasure in it! It’s what everyone else does! This “use-of-force” mentality is promoted as the norm everywhere. It is so much a part of our everyday lives we no longer question it.

Though we crave grace, peace, and love, we’re taught strength, power, and control. We’re taught to segregate grace and compassion for non-essentials, and to live by might for all important endeavors. We choose to live this way.

Might is spite. It’s intended to hurt. It says to hell with you or anyone else, this is all about me! Breaking this mind-set is hard. Few ever ponder shifting this thinking; yet, it is the first step to the peace, grace, and true power we all seek.

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