Letting Reality Upset Me

I shouldn’t let myself get upset that there are bad people and injustices. Those things are just part of reality and aren’t going to go away just because I don’t like them.

On the other hand, I shouldn’t pretend they don’t exist just so I feel better. Refusing to see reality as it is, or refusing to speak up just because it’s not what “polite society” does, isn’t healthy. It’s not honest.

Turning a blind eye to those things would make me a part of the problem. It takes away any possibility of being part of the solution. If there is a solution.

I will not pretend archators are good people or are doing right. I can’t. I would be lying to myself and others, including to the archators. That’s doing no one any favors even if it spares “feelings” and makes me a welcome part of society.

Finding a way to recognize the bad stuff without letting it get me down is a balancing act I’ve not perfected.

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