Less Dangerous Targets

Written by Butler Shaffer for LewRockwell.com.

Congressional renewal of the federal Violence Against Women Act is generating a good deal of discussion in the media, academia, and political forums over what sounds like a noncontroversial topic. Is there to be a debate on the question of whether violence should be visited upon women? Are there articulate “pro” and “con” positions to be heard and evaluated on the propriety of brutalizing females? Might this be the time to recall W.C. Fields’ answer to the question: “do you believe in clubs for women?,” to which he replied “only when kindness fails”?

Owners of the established order insist that their serfs limit the range of their inquiries to subjects that do not disturb the tranquility of their minds. The owners depend upon a select group to be the keepers of the questions to be asked in our world, and woe unto those who dare wander beyond the boundaries of the permitted. Journalist Peter Arnett, television personality Bill Maher, and presidential candidate Ron Paul suffered the consequences of daring to raise unapproved questions.
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