Laying Hands on the Sacred

“Just as the schoolmen philosophized only inside the belief of the church…without ever throwing a doubt upon this belief; as authors fill whole folios on the State without calling in question the fixed idea of the State itself, as our newspapers are crammed with politics because they are conjured into the fancy that man was created to be a zoon politician–so also subjects vegetate in subjection, virtuous people in virtue, liberals in humanity, without ever putting these fixed ideas of theirs to the searching knife of criticism. Undislodgeable, like a madman’s delusion, those thoughts stand on a firm footing, and he who doubts them–lays hands on the sacred.” – Max Stirner

“Lays hands on the sacred” is exactly what I do in Section 2 of my book, particularly chapters 9 and 10. I don’t consider anything regarding the state to be sacred. What an incredibly foolish notion, to worship injustice. No thank you.

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