Just Another Puppet

The way the ruling class manipulates thoughts is to have two groups of puppets spewing slightly different bullshit, and pretending that they represent the entire “spectrum” of respectable ideas.

For example, while Puppet Trump in SOME ways has gone a bit against the drastic fear-mongering from some on the left, when it comes to the stupid Covid-19 thing, he still pushes fear of it, still declared a “national emergency,” is still pushing the unnecessary and dangerous vaccine, etc.

This is an intentional and calculated approach, to make the moronic masses–including those who support either set of puppets–think that of COURSE it’s scary and dangerous, of COURSE we should all be scared, of COURSE we should all pray for a vaccine … while we slightly bicker about how bad it is.

Meanwhile, all of them–both sets of puppets and all of their braindead followers–are REPEATING and SPREADING the “virus” of fear-mongering bullshit, by assuming that this thing is ANY THREAT AT ALL at this point, and that a damn vaccine is anything other than a massive life-threatening money-grab by some power-happy assholes.

No, Trump is not anti-establishment. He’s just another puppet in the puppet shows.

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Larken Rose is an anarchist author best known for challenging the IRS to answer questions about the federal tax liability of citizens, and being put in prison with no questions answered. He is the author of The Most Dangerous Superstition.

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