Jail is no Substitute for Evidence

Evidence is “the available body of facts or information indicating whether a belief or proposition is true or valid.”  Putting someone in jail does not prove magical rules called “laws” apply to us.  I can forcibly apply my rules to you, that doesn’t mean they are applicable to you and create obligations on you.  It’s irrational to hold otherwise.

This particular reasoning in this video is even worse though, as it doesn’t take into account that one need not be in jail for bureaucrats to claim their rules apply.  They claim they always apply.  So if the evidence is being in jail, then how does one prove the laws apply when you’re just sitting in your home doing nothing?

So the facts are I’m physically in Mesa, Arizona.  I’m just sitting here, not accused of violating any laws.  The constitution is a written instrument.  Those are the facts.  What facts prove this written instrument applies to me and creates obligations on me?

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