Illinois Lottery Announcement

Nobody asked but …

Wait!  So you thought you won the Illinois Lottery?  Sorry.  You will get paid when we decide you will get paid.  Are you one of those folks that believes that tributes to the oligarchy are what you pay for the bargain of civilization?  Gotcha!  Are you one of those minions who expects the government to obey the same laws as you are expected to obey?  Bwahahaha-aaah!  Just exactly where do you think it says that we have to follow through on our promises?   How many generations of you must relearn the lesson that a statist’s word is not worth the air that it pollutes?   (Hint — there are 20 years between the average generations, there are, 2016-1776 =, 240 years in the declared independence of this state.  Divide the second amount by the first.)  Alexander Hamilton was not a sharp enough whip for you?  The unrelenting betrayal of every treaty with every group of indigenous people was not illustrative in sufficient degree?  The wars and the entanglements didn’t convince?  If one takes an honest view of nature, physics, economics, it is clear that government is structurally incapable of keeping any promise.

Kilgore Forelle

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