Hybrid Voluntaryism

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Public schools and publicly-permitted private schools have a hybrid voluntaryist segment of behavior within their boundaries.  Many extracurricular programs fit within this model. Generally excluding the revenue sports like football and basketball the schools run the rest of their sports programs mostly on the efforts of volunteers. In fact, the participants themselves are volunteers in the programs.  The head coaches may receive a moderate stipend, but one can hardly imagine any “assistants'” being paid.  The schools are not running these non-prime events to either fill or drain the coffers.  They are running them to keep in touch with the community, the source of revenue in the revenue sports.  The community is called upon to give time and money for the maintenance of downstream sports, such as archery and cross country. These are nearly 100 per cent voluntary, even if most do not know what a voluntaryist is. Even the revenue sports enjoy freedom because their activities are market based. Consequently you may find far greater degrees of freedom and choice, under far less authoritarianism in these hybrid voluntaryist behaviors.

— Kilgore Forelle


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