“Human Trafficking”– the “People Trade”

This recent focus on “human trafficking” is ignoring the biggest offender: government. This means the activists aren’t serious.

Who can possibly “traffic” even a tiny fraction of the humans that government does? Without trafficking– trading— people back and forth for money, government would lose much of its power and purpose.

Just the prison bureaucracy alone trades in more people than all the freelance slavers combined. And yet this is supposed to be OK? It’s not OK with me.

End “human trafficking”; abolish the prison industry.

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4 years ago

MOST, if not all, activists ,today, are “Controlled Opposition”. The “controlled” internet has turned people into “talkers”instead of “doers”, just the way our RULERS want it’ Am I cynical You’re damned right I am. I have been in this “fight” since the late 1960’s and have seen our RIGHTS become a joke and those who “fight” for them, a bigger joke ! When was the last time a REAL ACTIVIST MASS protest against WARS occurred, in the Americas, as only one example ??? Imagine what one million people marching against the Wars, in Washington or Toronto could do ! Dream… Read more »