How the World Should Be

It seems to me that people waste a lot of energy getting upset that the world isn’t as they believe it should be. Especially when they are right.

I fall into that trap, too.

Violating private property and using violence against those who are neither using violence nor violating private property is wrong. It is something no one can have the right to do, no matter what they wish to believe. And most of the world spends time and effort looking for loopholes which can’t exist so they can feel right about committing wrongs.

This is just how the world is. You can either find ways to work around it (without becoming one of the violators in the process) or you can get upset at how it is.

One thing I try to remind myself is that I’m only responsible for my own behavior. I am responsible for what I do, and what I support. I can try to help those around me be responsible for themselves too, but I can’t make them. And, although I can try to make sure I don’t add to the troubles, I am not responsible for society’s direction. If everyone else is an archator, you aren’t going to make much of an impact on the whole of society, but you can refuse to participate and add to the misery. It may take courage and determination, and you might suffer consequences for doing the right thing.

Yes, governing others is wrong. It is totally messed up. So I don’t do it. I don’t support it, contribute to it, or participate in it. I won’t attack others, nor take their stuff, not even through politics. I can’t make the whole world stop doing wrong, but I can try to make sure I’m not part of the problem.

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