Hindsight Or Foresight — Always 20/20

Nobody asked but …

I don’t have much patience with either hindsighted speculation or crystal ball gazing.  Very few of these time travel accounts bear the mark of Occam’s Razor.   I don’t concur that Pearl Harbor was a conspiracy, but the facts are eloquent without overcooking the detail.  And there is nothing really surprising there — politicians have always used military expeditionism to rally their followers around a cause, true or false.  That the outcomes can apparently be explained in numerous alternative ways, most engineered to create the illusion of central planning and malice of forethought, is also not shocking.  And, what we are taught in college is not part of a plan to reach point A in the future, it is only to pacify the elders who believe that what they believe is the ultimate of that which can be believed.  Quite naturally, that results in the youth believing anything else but that which the elders believe.


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