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A thing worse than judges making looney decisions is the media loonies’ misreporting of logical decisions.  Here is a major network headline — “Court Rejects Ohio Law That Bans Police From Sex With Minors.”  Headlines are supposed to be a means of finding which stories to read, not a deception, as in click-bait on the Web.  But they say if it bleeds it leads in the ever-degrading media world.  The headline does not match the story.  The court actually found, according to my reading, that the state could not impose greater penalties on narrowly defined classes, such as police, teachers, and coaches.  They are still subject to the same laws as everyone else.  Police do not have carte blanche in Ohio to pray on children.  I will be sending a link to this blog to each news outlet that I encounter, which has promoted this misinformation.

Kilgore Forelle

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