Guns and Triremes

Nobody asked but …

It has always been the same, one person or one institution made-up of oligarchs, has been able to buy the WMD.  At the same time, they keep the serfs unable to hoard even a peashooter, much less the peas to fire through it.

The strategy is furthermore compounded by ineptitude in keeping weapons away from serfs who will kill other serfs.

Therefore, we are walled away from the firm concept that for our own self-defense we need not only personal weapons but weapons matching those of our landlords (taxes are the illegitimate rent we pay, for the dubious privilege of living in this medieval schema).

It took 3 years for the US courts grudgingly to OK the idea of printing a gun in 3 dimension — and that’s just a small caliber, limited use, personal weapon equivalent to a flint lock without durability.

At this rate, we’ll be back to peashooters in a decade.

— Kilgore Forelle

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