Growing up With Parents

Editor’s Pick. Lecture excerpt by Siri Singh Sahib Ji.

In childhood you have never been taught responsibility. You have been shoved and pushed and ordered. The majority of your childhood I have seen in this country is regimented. Nobody uses heart. It is all head thing. So this kind of childhood is very painful. I understand that. If I would have been raised a child as we raise children here, I would have committed suicide at the age of two.

. . . The way you address your children, it is so rude, so inhuman. It is so neurotic! And if there is any worse abuse in English you know, add that to your-self. I don’t want to repeat it. Just so discourteous in speaking to your children. And in spite of the fact that you are very loving parents, you never say to a child, “Please.” I have yet to see one mother. You never call his full name. You never treat him like a person, or her as a person. You just treat them like puppies and you expect them to learn how to live ? Impossible.

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