Gridlock Best Election Outcome

What do you expect to happen after Donald Trump’s election victory? I expect outrage, shock, and denial from the national mainstream media and others who pretended Joe Biden was a credible candidate.

I expect more accusations of Russian interference in the election as an excuse to consider the result illegitimate. Until “None of the above — leave the office vacant” is on the ballot, no election looks legitimate to me.

I expect violence from those who will use the election as justification for violence no matter how things turn out. Just as certain people riot and destroy their own city after a major sports victory, the chaos lovers aren’t going to be cheated out of their riot whatever happens. They’ll just change their excuse to fit the outcome.

I expect more impeachment attempts from sore losers.

I expect liberty to be incrementally outlawed even more, although more slowly than the opposing team would have done had they gained the power to do so.

I expect — I hope — gridlock will protect the remaining shreds of liberty. The worst possible result is for bipartisanship to break out in Washington, D.C.
I believe the founders of the United States built gridlock into the system on purpose. The last thing they wanted was for the federal government to do things to Americans. If this weren’t the case, they could have simply placed all political power into one office. Instead, they divided it to keep government from having that much power. For various reasons, it didn’t work.

For one thing, they never intended for the Supreme Court to do what it does: interpreting and having the “final word” on the Constitution. They stole that power for themselves, in what should be seen as a coup, all the way back in 1803. They’ve been a serious danger to American liberty ever since.

It’s good when Congress is gridlocked, but still able to block everything the president does. It would be good if the Supreme Court never got to consider a case, or was evenly divided and couldn’t make a decision — it’s a shame there are an odd number of Supreme Courtjesters. It’s good if the president doesn’t take Congress or the Supreme Court too seriously.

Gridlock is why Donald Trump may be the best outcome for a less than optimal situation. Unless voters choose the smarter path and vote for Libertarian candidate Jo Jorgensen instead. I wish I expected that to happen.

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