Government Meddling Makes Law Enforcement Dangerous

What makes law enforcement dangerous work?

Government meddling. Unjust, unlawful, and unnecessary regulation has made everyone suspect of breaking the law. Law enforcers have been conditioned to see all civilians as enemies, especially those “statistically” to be “predisposed to crime.”

Because of this, law enforcers have become trigger-happy. When a criminal, paranoid person, or anxious law-abiding person encounter a law enforcer it increases the chance of violence. And law enforcers react to that poorly.

Want to see less violence? Get the government out of it.

Engaging in victimless acts should not be responded by law enforcers, like gun ownership/possession, drug ownership/possession, sex work, gambling, undocumented immigration, undocumented employment/entrepreneurship, marrying who you love or lust for, building whatever on your property, etc. Don’t agree with any of it, then don’t engage in it. But leave others alone and coexist peacefully.

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