Government, a Force of Nature

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When I go outside this time of year, I get cold. I compensate by getting a coat on, and then go about my business. This is the standard way of dealing with forces of nature. I don’t spend a lot of time lying in bed wishing it weren’t cold. I have better things to do with my time.

Why is government any different?

Government is just a gang of humans, which are themselves a part of nature. Millions of words are spent on the Internet and in other venues bemoaning the fact that our liberties are being trampled by tyrants and complaining that people are sheep in the face of it. “Why do these people put up with it?” I’ve said it myself, many times. “Those sheep!”

Of course the bemoaners and complainers are not voluntarily putting themselves in the same situation as those they criticize, to prove they would handle things in a more manly fashion.

People are who they are. Most of us don’t bother ourselves with what the average Joe in Topeka thinks about our religion or lack thereof, or our choice of cars, or what hamburger chain we prefer. We don’t have time for such worries. Shouldn’t government be treated essentially the same way, in almost every case?
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