How to Get a Fight with Mayweather

I recently heard a sports commentator report that Floyd Mayweather has been very annoyed with many of his opponents in the past because of their lack of effort with promoting the fight. He even mentioned one instance in which Floyd is alleged to have phoned Manny Pacquiao begging him to “talk some sh*t about me so we can sell this fight” only to have his concerns downplayed.

When Floyd inked the deal to fight Conor McGregor, he reportedly said it was the first time in his career when he wouldn’t have to do all the heavy lifting when it comes to promoting. It was McGregor’s marketing skills that got him the gig.

Wanting to fight Floyd Mayweather isn’t unique. Everyone wants to fight him because everyone has a whole lot to gain by getting that prestigious title shot against an undefeated champion. But Conor McGregor was the one guy who got Floyd to come out of retirement at age 40.

Why? Because he had traditional boxing credentials? No. Because he was respected by the boxing experts as a legitimate contender? No. It’s because he honed his craft, developed a solid body of work, built a compelling brand, and dared to try something that others told him he had no right to do. And even though Conor didn’t win the fight, he won a lot of respect, a lot of new fans, a lot of future opportunity, and a lot of money.

Keep that in mind as you move about in a world where most people will tell you that you’re not special enough to create your own non-traditional path to wealth or success.

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