Gender Identity is a Hall of Mirrors

I’ve said some things on transgender issues that if people were paying close attention might seem like I am playing both sides of the fence. I hold 3 main strident positions on the matter.

1. I despise busybodies. If someone wants to make a choice with their life, I strongly dislike people who stand in their way or use shame as a tool to manipulate them.

2. You don’t control my words or thoughts. You can make requests of how I use my words, but I will decide what comes out of my mouth.

3. The search for identity is a hall of mirrors. We search for identity when we feel lost and it gives us momentary comfort, but the costs are vastly too high. Finding personal identity through external concepts/labels makes us lose our own individuality, flexibility and complexity. This wrong course isn’t limited to issues of gender, but one that expands to all sorts of people of various ideologies, religions, and even things as simple as a sports fan.

The ‘male identity’ and ‘female identity’ aren’t real things. We are individuals who happen to have a sex. Our sex has a lot to say about our psycho-biological state of being, but the identity conclusions that we derive from that are fantasy. Trying to break the binary gender mold to be more expansive doesn’t solve this problem, but rather makes people become even more neurotic in finding a particular identity that will make them feel resolved in their psychological anxieties.

Of course. To go back to my first point, being a busybody is a vastly worse cancer than the problems involved with gender identity.

I found this video today, and I agree with many of the points. I probably would disagree in the busybody attitude many people would extract from it.

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Aaron White, married to a swell girl, is a business owner and unschooling father of two, going on three. His hobbies are music and poker. He resides in Southern California.