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No matter where you stand on the spectrum of law and order, you must regret the outcome.  The victims are the dead man, the shooter, and all of us who depend on honesty from public servants.  I never thought I would be writing anything about the Ferguson MO incident because it was such a lost cause for factual clarity, but now there are crystal clear facts on the indictment, which is a vast indictment of our broken-down system.  Scott H. Greenfield presents an analysis in The Ferguson Lie, an excellent article, and the reader comments are illuminating as well Our so-called justice system is a system of disposal, and the prosecutors and judges are trash removal specialists.  Not only has the system failed the dead man, it has failed the living man as well.  He was entitled to have his name cleared by a blind and objective justice system.  But since no such system exists both victims are condemned to a purgatory of assumptions (mostly half-assed, like the official acts in this drama).  Furthermore, the system has once again failed all of us, dumb asses as we may be, by reasserting the sham that the system serves the presumed innocent more than the tyrant.  Once again, the system has been bent to serve the mob that the oligarchy has chosen to champion.


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