Evolution II — End of War

Nobody asked but …

Yesterday I wrote about four signs that would appear if the human species may be evolving in a positive way.

Today, I will expand on the first, that there would be a substantial end to war.

I am not a seer, and I do not pretend to know how this would be effected, but I would guess at these:

  • War is the principle failure of the human species
  • If man cannot bring sufficient reason to end global war, we will not be fit to survive
  • We are the only species to make war for abstract reasons
  • This is a fatal flaw
  • We must evolve beyond tribalism and nationalism to stop symbolic war
  • States will fail because they evolve toward complexity in a haphazard way
  • A species on the other hand must achieve complexity in a rational way to be fit for survival.

— Kilgore Forelle

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