Economic Realities and Government “Jobs”

I recently heard the claim that the economy is “going great”. This doesn’t match with the reality I’m experiencing, although I might not be representative. Nor is it what I’m seeing in some others I know. Some of them have even settled for government “jobs” because that’s the only thing they could find.

I think it’s a terrible shame when the economy is so bad that people are reduced to looking for, or accepting, government “jobs”.

And I see this a lot. People can’t find a job in the market, so they lower themselves and take a government “job”.

They would deny this is lowering themselves.

But, to take a “job” financed with stolen money, which people don’t get to opt out of funding– or, in many cases, using, even if they don’t want the “service”– is low.

I know; you’ve got to make money. Food must be bought; bills must be paid. Believe me, I understand. Probably more than most. But there are certain “jobs” I just couldn’t bring myself to do.

I couldn’t live with myself if I had a government “job” which required me to impose the dictates of the State on people and violate their rights with violence. This means I couldn’t be an armed government employee of any sort; I couldn’t be a cop, or a forest ranger, or an IRS agent, or an employee of any other Alphabet Agency. I couldn’t work for the DMV. Nor the military. I couldn’t work for the TSA, nor any sort of “border security”. I can’t bring myself to use violence, or threats of violence against anyone on behalf of the State in exchange for money.

I also couldn’t live with myself if I worked in a government “job” which violated people “nicely”. I couldn’t work in a government school, library, or other “helpful” service. The gun is still there, it’s just hidden a little better.

Yes, this means that in this economy I am kind of screwed. I accept that reality. But I still won’t violate you for money. Neither in a mugging, nor through a vulgar government “job”.

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