Do You Actually Support Free Markets?

Editor’s Pick. Written by Rollo McFloogle.

I’ve been on a bit of a tear where I’ve been writing about some pet peeves of mine. But that’s okay, because it at least gives me something to write about. It also allows me to flesh out my ideas about why I have a problem with these things so that I can better debate the people who think things that grind my gears. So what’s has Rollo annoyed today?

Do you believe in free markets?

I mean, seriously, do you believe that free markets are the way to go? Saying “Well, yeah, for the most part” is not a good answer. That means no. If you believe that markets should mostly be free, then you don’t believe that markets should be free. Free is a very specific term. If people are truly free, there is no one influencing their actions. Everything free people do is voluntary. And since markets are simply a collection of these interactions, if the people aren’t free, there’s no way for the market to be free.

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