Cypriots and the President’s Ability to Kill

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There are so many concepts and ideas swirling in my head this week, but nothing with enough concreteness to justify a column’s worth of brain dump. So I think I’ll jump back to simpler times and instead give my two cents on a couple current events. Let’s talk about Cyprus and their thieving government (but I repeat myself) and the power of the US president.

The Naivete of Cypriots

The idea that the state can just pass a law and take your wealth is nothing new. Ever since there have been states, there have been states taking society’s wealth. That they would have the gall to pass a law to forthwith take a portion of your bank balance is the state showing you a little too much of its bare nakedness. Voluntaryists already know that states have no clothes, but states are usually a bit more cunning in their deceptions of that fact. I understand the proposal has been rejected, at least as it regards smaller depositors. “Oops!” they say, “I guess that was a bit of a stretch.” But nowhere to be found is the idea that maybe they shouldn’t be exercising power they don’t have (or can’t have, actually). For them, it was a question of utility, not ethics.

Cypriots need to study a bit more history and a bit more about corporatism and central banking and all of the other disastrous (for simple folk like you and me, that is) economic ideas put forth by scientistic and state-bankrolled intellectuals. Then they would understand where not to put their money, ie. where corporatists or the state can get it.

Can The President Kill You?

Yes, of course he can. He certainly has the power, being the most powerful functionary in the world. At his say so, he could obliterate an entire city. In fact, he already has. Twice! So of course he could have you killed. There’s no question about it. “Can” is a question of ability, not permission.

As for permission, no, he may not kill me. I can’t speak for you, however. I would hope that he may not have permission to kill you, but that’s for you to decide. Libertarian ethics would tell us that he may not kill anybody that is not threatening his life. End of story (at least for me, as I’m a libertarian).

Final Thoughts

Short column this week, I know. You’re welcome? A bit informal, too, right? Shooting from the hip I suppose. A new day, a new style. Trying it out. I’ll have more to say later on, of course. Peace be with you.

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