Could I Be Wrong?

Yes, I could. How might I be wrong? This is a question everyone needs to ask of themselves now and then. And, it’s a question which needs to be considered carefully enough that the answer makes itself known to you. Making sure you know how you might be wrong isn’t self-absorption. It’s self awareness and a recognition that you can be wrong. Anyone can.

So, take the things you know and make sure they hold up.

Considering my own knowledge, might I be wrong about some things I take for granted? Things I have tested and decided are true?

Could it actually be OK to take things which don’t belong to me? Does my need come before your claim of ownership?

Could it be fine to attack people who are minding their own business, but are doing so in a way I don’t like?

Might government actually be something other than a gang of thugs?

What if taxation really is voluntary, and is therefore not theft? What does voluntary mean?

What if cops really are the good guys, and they are only doing their job by enforcing the laws that my neighbors want them to enforce?

What if it really is everyone’s business if a person chooses to do things to themselves that could cause harm? What if you don’t actually own your body?

What if property really is theft?

What if guns are too dangerous for regular people to own or carry, and banning them would actually be OK and would work?

Of course, each time I examine these ideas, no matter how carefully I pick them apart and consider them, I decide I’m not wrong about them, no matter who disagrees. NO matter how strongly they disagree, or how angry they get at me over the disagreement.

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