Conversational Cruise Control

Written by T.K. Coleman.

One of the most valuable lessons I’ve ever learned is this:

Only participate in conversations that are aimed at creating more freedom.

Are your daily discussions making you freer from the things that weigh you down?

Are your casual conversations making you freer for the things that bring you life, joy, hope, and love?

Do you talk just to fit in or do you speak with deliberateness and purpose?

We often wonder about what to say. Then we worry about how to say it. But what would happen to our conversations if we spent more time focusing on why we say what we say?

What is our intent? What results do we wish to create with our speaking? Do we know? Have we thought about this at all or are we just winging it? Are intelligence and intentionality the driving forces in our acts of communication or are we on conversational cruise control?

The quality and quantity of the words we use aren’t nearly as important as the energy behind those words. Language is not only descriptive, but it is also prescriptive. Language characterizes reality, but it also creates reality. We not only describe the past through the words we speak, but we also set into motion ripple effects that shape the future.

Every conversation we have, even if it’s about the past, moves us one step towards or one step away from living more freely.

Where are you going? Where are your conversations taking you?

At the very least, I hope your answer to those two questions is the same.

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TK Coleman is the Education Director for Praxis. He has coached dozens of young people and top performers from all stages of life. He’s the author of hundreds of articles and is a frequent speaker on education, entrepreneurship, freedom, personal growth, and creativity. TK is a relentless learner, has been involved in numerous startups, and has professional experience ranging from the entertainment to financial services industries and academia. Above all else, TK is on a mission to help people embrace their own power and expand their own possibilities.