Concealed Carry or Revealed Carry?

What part of “concealed” do people not understand?

Seems the first rule of “concealed carry” is that you don’t go around yapping that you carry. And yet, I’ve encountered so many people who do just that. Usually bragging about their “permit” and wanting to show it off. I’m underwhelmed.

If you want to reveal that you carry, then open carry.

Yes, I want everyone, with few exceptions, to own and to carry firearms. I will assume you are doing so because I assume liberty. I’m probably interested in what you carry, how you carry it, how you like both the gun and carry options, and so on. But I’m probably not going to want to hear you talking about it in “mixed company”. For your own protection. There might be an anti-gun bigot statist nearby. No need to tip them off.

I used to know a guy who would start talking about the gun in his boot as soon as he’d get drunk. Assuring me that if “anything goes down”, he’d have it under control. He showed me his “permit” multiple times, as if it meant anything to me. If anything went down, I’d have been as worried about him as I was about any attackers. Not sure what he thought was going to “go down” at karaoke, anything can happen anywhere, but he believed he was ready for it. I always had my doubts about that.

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