Clarification of Misnomer Terminology

You’re not “woke.” You’re blind, and living in a dream-land.

You’re not “progressive.” You’re RE-gressive. You’re anti-progress. You actively seek the destruction of progress and freedoms that have taken literally thousands of years of bloodshed, toil, suffering, and sacrifice to bring even this far.

You don’t believe in “social justice.” You believe in plunder, thievery, oppression, and the violent chimera of Marxism.

You’re not “liberal.” Not in any sense of that word. You are an authoritarian. A communist. A tyrant. A hater of free markets, free people, and self-determination.

Just a little much-needed clarification.

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Alex R. Knight III is originally from Groveland, Massachusetts, where he grew up listening to rock and roll, reading J.R.R. Tolkien, and the comic books of the 1970s.  He today lives in rural southern Vermont where he welds, plays guitar, paints abstracts, reads avidly, and writes.  He is the author of the short fiction collection, Tales From Dark 7in addition to the novels The Morris Roomand Empty World.  And, he is a Voluntaryist. Visit his MeWe group here.