Childhood Spanking and Corporal Punishment

Editor’s Pick. Written by Danilo Cuellar.

The repercussions that childhood assault, more commonly known as spanking, has on the adult that emerges later in life is profound and devastating. Violence does not solve any problem in “government”, nor in parenting. It also does not justify the propagation of further violence. Warranting violence to solve violence is the vicious cycle that only begets more resentment, grudges, and violence. Those who are deemed as “violent personalities” are oftentimes themselves the result of a violent upbringing. The “government” kidnapping of such people, and placing them in a cage, or execution through capital punishment does absolutely nothing to solve the underlying problem of violent parenting begetting violent adults later in life. It is the parents that must be educated when it comes to this unfortunate situation. The problem must be addressed at the root, rather than hacking away at the branches.

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