But Who Will Maintain the (Rail)Roads?

Nobody asked but …

It was indeed Black Friday for this trainload of people.  The railroad is apparently, if the news story is to be believed, subject to several layers of governmental undersight.  Alphabet agencies are arriving on the scene like sea gulls at the landfill, preparing to fill the air with CYA.  One of those who should be accountable (a word that will likely soon appear in one of my “Words Poorly Used” blogs), has already thrown up a defense to deflect the inquiry,

Earlier this month, Metro-North’s chief engineer, Robert Puciloski, told members of the NTSB investigating the [earlier] May derailment and [earlier] Luden’s death that the railroad is “behind in several areas,” including a five-year schedule of cyclical maintenance that had not been conducted in the area of the Bridgeport derailment since 2005.

I am compelled to paraphrase Lysander Spooner: whether these layers of statist bureaucrats have caused or have failed to prevent this circumstance, in either case they are a failure.  <sarcasm>If we do away with the state, who will maintain the (rail)roads?<sarcasm>

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