The Delphi Technique 2

Nobody asked but …

What if you were tricked into making a choice by hiding a very real option from your view?  What if only the presenter’s agenda is made to appear viable?

We are getting a false picture of the crisis in public places.  Isn’t a viable option to end the agglomeration of school and state?  Is it really the best idea to require our youth to appear daily in a target group?  What is the difference between educational assembly and firing squads?

The final upshot of the Delphi Technique is that the state give “free” people only those choices that the state desires to implement.  The state does not want to do away with schools.  Too many elements depend on the power that attaches to the institution of “free, public education.”

I, and the lovely Kilgorette, attended a massive ritual that was held on the occasion of our granddaughter’s graduation from county high school last evening.  This is part of a multi-billion dollar industry.  This is, to borrow a term from General Smedley Butler, a racket. The mind boggles at the right way to deconstruct this mess.

Obviously, we kick the can down the road.

— Kilgore Forelle

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