A Taxing Day

Nobody asked but …

I think they have done it.  The politicians have employed confusion, as they did with Covid19, to befuddle completely the victims who support them.  Do you know, in any sane metric, how far in debt you are individually, or in collectives such as “we the people” or future generations?

Do you want the good news first?  Guess what?  There is no good news.

We have been the lied-tos for 109 years.  Our (I use the term advisedly) government told us in 1913, we would pay taxes only temporarily, and it would affect only the richest few.  It turns out everything is “temporary” until it goes away.  All of us are the “richest” if you set the bar low enough.

Welcome to the USA — United States of Assessment.

— Kilgore Forelle

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