The Infinite Regress of the Victim Mentality

Now aside from the fact that nobody living today has gone through the injustices of their ancestors, nor has anybody alive today perpetrated those injustices on any living or deceased person today, and therefore, they do not owe any so called “victim” anything, there is another problem with this line of victim based ideology. Namely, there is always another victim further back, to which a claim can be made for “justice.”

The Pendulum of American Extremes

The American Political sport is a unique beast. Something wholly original on the world stage. No, I’m not talking about “The American Experiment” in constitutional republics. That experiment has failed to produce lasting results, although it was a worthy try. No, what I mean is that unlike the rest of the western world, American politics grows more and more extreme at an increasing rate – a rate that should be alarming to most rational and peaceful people.

Why Anarchy?

In the few years since deciding the label “anarchist” most accurately represented my own political philosophy, I’ve learned of other, powerful, confirmatory and congruent philosophies as well, that have helped to grow my own anarchism further outside the political realm. In other words, I may have started as a political anarchist, but ultimately, my own brand of anarchy has stretched beyond solely politics.

The Civic Duty of an Anarchist

Ok, now I know what you’re thinking. “The civic duty? Do you even anarchy, bro?” No, I get it. We’re anarchists. We don’t vote. We don’t participate in elections. We think paying taxes is for schmucks, and actively look for ways to lessen how much we pay (if we pay at all *wink wink*), and generally, could not care less about the political process. It’s corrupt, fake, and full of deception, pay-offs, theft, armed robbery, and murder. A wise philosopher once said “Government is the price we pay for being uncivilized.” I get it. So how does an anarchist participate? Should an anarchist participate, even? Well, I think there are a number of ways that anarchists can engage the public, if we so choose (and we should).

2016: The Year Nerd Culture and Free Speech Died

When it comes to all things nerd, 2016 hasn’t been our best year. Between nerd culture icons like Leonard Nimoy, Gene Wilder, or Alan Rickman passing away, or music icons like George Michael, Prince, or David Bowie dying, or nerd-cultural-phenomena like Star Wars being transformed into SJW propaganda, and other nerd-staples being made into Feminist and SJW “philosophical” outlets (here’s looking at you, Marvel Comics, Star Wars generally, and Joss Whedon), nerds the world over have begun to ask “Is this the end?”

The Black and White Struggle for Freedom… Or Is It?

One thing I find all too common in humanity’s fight against tyranny and struggle for freedom is our uncanny ability to completely dismiss as insignificant or unworthy of consideration “others'” struggle for freedom. Whether on religious grounds, cultural grounds, or racial, it is only “my” fight for liberty that is legitimate. Everyone “else’s” contest is a game. They aren’t “woke.” They “think they’re fighting. But they’re really just helping out the oppression, without even knowing it.”