A Reminder

Nobody asked but …

This picture shows an animated electric sign located in, I believe, New York City.  It is a readout of The National Debt Clock.  I don’t know how long ago it was photographed, but a check today says that the big number is now over $22.5 trillion.


Thank you, Seymour Durst.  It seems, to me at least, that it is a bad idea, however, since the display is restricted to one address in an urban hive of moneychangers.  The residents of this hive thrive on the number going ever higher.

Instead, we should be blaring the number out in the “Flyover Zone.”  Soccer moms need to know!  This number should be clarioned on the Golden Arches, and above the portals of schools and colleges … even on those DHS displays on our Interstate highways (see something, say something)!

Even if the number could be 100% overstated, we should be scared out of our skulls.

— Kilgore Forelle

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