Words Poorly Used #18 — Resolutions

To have resolutions is a static thing.  They are already on the shelf.  But having resolve is a dynamic thing — not something you pay lip service to once a year.  Using the calendar to instill resolve is self-delusion.  If you accomplish a thing a week before New Year’s day or a week after, is it not accomplished?  If the accomplishment dies on the vine in March, was it a resolution?  Humans tend to use mumbo-jumbo to goad themselves into behaviors.  Why would you wait until February to recognize that blacks, just like everybody else, have history?  Why would you wait until April to mark the indispensibility of a great secretary, or observe at all an incompetent one?  My late, wonderful mother was my mother, is still my mother, 24/7/365, not just on a Sunday in May.  It is fine to give your life some cadence by marking time, but the time to live your life is now.  Happy today!


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