I Will “Appropriate” Your Culture!

I am nothing but cultural appropriation. From my head to my toes; from birth until today. I don’t expect that to change and I will never feel guilty about it.

You should be proud that I value your culture enough to “appropriate” parts of it. I’m not going to copy junk.

All human ideas, inventions, and such are available for us ALL to incorporate– or “appropriate”. We are all human. We can even incorporate “culture” or whatever from other species if we want. It is your right as a sapient being. Don’t let any idiot make you feel bad because they tell you otherwise. They are lying.

Appropriate away!

You have an entire planet, and hundreds of thousands of years (at least) of ideas and clothing and art to choose from. Pick the good. Reject the bad. Make yourself the best you can be.

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H. Rearden
H. Rearden
5 years ago

Other species? Have you incorporated culture from “other species”?

H. Rearden
H. Rearden
5 years ago
Reply to  Kent McManigal

Bonobos supposedly generally adhere to the NAP. However alpha female bonobo have been known to show aggression and intimidate other bonobos male and female. Perhaps if one day humans on Earth encounter extraterrestrial species the et’s will appropriate the best things of human culture on Earth. It is not a given that if one day humans from Earth are able to travel to other galaxies that they will encounter a species that is more advanced. Perhaps they will encounter a planet on which the most advanced species is similar to a bonobo. Or perhaps rather than encountering a planet like… Read more »