Who’s In, Who’s Out?

Nobody asked but …

Kaleidoscopic events.  Halls of mirrors.  Fog machines.  As King Lear queried, “Who’s in, who’s out?”  Which echo chamber is the most dominant now?

Last week there was a sort of sea change in the ongoing saga of the ships of fools.  POTUS’s former personal attorney, Mr. Cohen, appeared before an assembled committee of congresspersons.  The first takeaway was that Cohen was not a compelling witness.  The second takeaway was that the warring parties fell all over themselves trying to make something of the proceedings.  Was it just coincidence that this appearance occupied the same newsspace as CPAC and the abortive summit with North Korea?  This was a real three-ring circus.

As usual, one side made less of the situation than it bodes, while the other made more.  Stay tuned.

— Kilgore Forelle


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