Who Will Be the ROADS War Lord?

Nobody asked but …

As I was crossing campus a few minutes ago, I overheard one person ask another, “if you are required to wear seatbelts in a car, why aren’t you required to wear a helmet on a motorcycle?”  My question would be, “why haven’t the framers of whatsgoodforyou required helmets in cars, and both seatbelts and helmets on motorcycles?”  I fear that I can see the future in this narrow instance.  But another question arises, “if one of the main justifications for the overweening state is that they provide the roads, what would it be like if they did it well?”  We have no war on highway deaths, we don’t even have a war on orange cones.  I commute from Waddy to Lexington, where there are several alternate routes, at least 5.  No matter which route I choose, however, there are traffic stalls and orange cones, and sometimes traffic stalls due to the accidents caused by the orange cones and the infinitely various excuses for deploying said orange cones.  Just think, is repairing existing infrastructure really a better idea than innovating in infrastructure?  And if innovation were a better idea, would we want the state to implement it?


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